When Writing Becomes Content Summary

As is recorded on College Composition Weekly, user vanderso uses their post to explain Lisa Dush’s view on the differences between writing and content, how their definitions are changing, and why writers and content creators alike should take note of these changes. Essentially, Dush feels that with the advancement of modern technology and the introduction of the digital age, writing is evolving, expanding not only to include to traditional writing studies, but also multimedia content, such as blog posts or similar media, though where the line begins and ends is unclear. In this sense, Dush states that “‘writing’ and ‘content’ are metaphors with ‘attendant bundles’; those surrounding writing can be hard to identify”. As a result, she believes that aspiring and seasoned writers alike should become well-acquainted with both forms in order to further the purview of these writing studies.

Personally, I can’t find much fault with her views. The market evolves constantly, and the internet is becoming a larger avenue for spreading ideas every day. Taking writing online is a fantastic way expand the horizon for the art as a whole.

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