Career Resources


Drop-In Career Advising:

Held on Microsoft Teams, these sessions acted as a good starting point for me. I met with both (), and both were extremely kind and patient with me, even though we were on a tight schedule of 30 mins per person. Most of my questions revolved around the idea of internships and how to best pursue one, which they gave me insightful answers for (such as seeking a paid internship, since there was no real difference between the two aside for working for money rather than for free), as well as give me suggestions I hadn’t even thought of to ask myself. Judging by the calendar, it also seemed to be open almost twice for every week of Fall 2020, which made finding time for it extremely easy. Overall, it was a highly approachable source that I would recommend to anyone who doesn’t know where to start.


The Majors Fair

While being much rarer than the frequent Drop-In Career Advising sessions, being only held twice a semester, the Majors Fair is another great source I’d recommend to anyone, especially those who are still in their Freshman and Sophomore years. I can’t speak on behalf of the in-person event, but the virtual version was incredibly informative, going into depth about a lot of the different options that KSU has to choose from. It was actually from here that I was able to get more information about the TCID Majors and Minors, which offers courses that help develop more skills using connections and digital interfaces. As I am currently an English Major, having a minor in TCID would open up some unique possibilities for me, and I have this particular fair to thank for expanding upon that concept.